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Bifrost Media perform a fully integrated podcasting service alongside Kriel.agency. 


Our specialty are fiction podcasts pitched as TV pilots, "Podpilots".


Our first is 'Tales of the Lobster Boy', below. 


is a thriller series by Charles Kriel, set in the deep American South. 


When a grisly murder happens amongst the carnies in Gibtown, Florida, the best people to solve it are the carnies themselves. Charlie Koontz is not only mayor, but showman-in-chief, third-generation professional freak and owner of the circus. 


Charlie enlists his own stepdaughter, Gibtown’s only police force, on the case. But with the FBI hard on her heels it won’t be easy. And Alyssa wasn’t the killer’s only target…


Based on the successful series of novels by Charles Kriel, himself a native carnie, The Lobster Boy is a true Americana murder mystery.

Bifröst Media is currently developing a 10-part TV series based on the material.  

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